Coffeeville Company

Historic Log Coffeehouse & Kitchen

Coffeeville Co. is committed to providing the absolute highest standards of excellence in products and service. We are not merely a coffeehouse, we are a coffeehouse experience. We offer our customers highest quality coffee (made from perfectly roasted coffee beans), fine chocolates, pastries and signature hoagies. Our patrons bask in the ambiance of aromatic scent, comfortable sitting rooms, local art, friendly service, pleasant lighting and furnishings make Coffeeville Co. a Wisconsin historic destination of choice.  In addition to providing the finest selection in coffee, tea, and delectables, Coffeeville Co. provides an opportunity to learn more about coffee roasting process though our unique roasting viewing room. Patrons may also take in the history of coffee, view generations of coffee grinders, tins, pots, and milk machinery among other things coffee related. 



Coffee - Wholesale or Large Orders (minimum order $500)

Enjoy fresh roasted coffee from Coffeeville Company.  We are a small batch roaster.  You will fall in love with the crafted blends!  We roast, blend, package and ship coffee from our 6000 square foot warehouse facility located in West Bend, Wisconsin.  We use a state of the art Probat Roaster utilizing a combination of hand crafted care and technology to ensure quality and consistent results.  The roasts are taste tested to guarantee they meet our requirements for sweetness, flavor and the highest quality standards.   Private labeling is available.  


Bakery - Wholesale or Large Orders (minimum order $300)

In addition to Coffee, Coffeeville Company is a small scratch bakery.  All of our home baked goods are prepared daily from scratch using only high quality ingredients.  We offer variety of muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls, cheesecakes, cakes, granola, seasoned pretzels and more.